Round robin story. Three have contributed to this story so far. One  started it, another wrote an answering piece, then back to #1, and later #3 got into it. So it takes a meandering course. Who knows where it will go? Want to add a piece? Put it in the comments. Miguel, or Meehel–whatever his name is–will try to work it in. And add your name to the Hall of Notoriety. Literary quality not required. We just gotta be able to read it.


Hey Tomás, Miguel here.

Great flower! I never know with you whether to compliment Mother Nature, Papa PhotoShop; or whether you’ve been out scouting flora on alien worlds halfway across the galaxy. Probably the latter.

I think I might have been on this planet myself once. Why, did ever I tell you about the time that me and this feathered beauty from Transframidor IV, Flimmerwither, got lost on an island in the South Sugar Sea, with nothing to eat — or to wear — but flowers that looked a lot like these.

Well, her old man, I mean her slave husband, Thrugalug, was real big, but stupid. And her clan sister, Seveltiruner, could chase down small game and trip them up with a twirl of her feathered tail. So we made quite a team, what with my brains and sub-neutrinic weaponry. (I know it’s a big no-no for civilians to have this stuff, but just keep it quiet, okay?)

If only Sevelti hadn’t fallen through that hole in the jungle floor into the hidden subterranean crystal city of the Fazgoths. . . .

Y’know, I’d be glad to tell you some more, but I need some lubrication. Could you be so good as to buy me a drink? One o’ them tall local brews will do for a start.

Thanks. Now as I was saying, about this weird flower . . .

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