Space Girl Yearning

“Okay, I made it to the Moon. Now what?” Selena wants to go sing on the alien worlds. Sound crazy? But alien security forces have been alerted. They don’t want Earth people to have their protected technology. How can they get it back? Perhaps they can entice Selena to bring it to them. This has become much more than a lark of moonwalks and visits to Apollo landing sites. What if the galactic forces figure out how to get to Earth again?

How the story starts out


Here’s what everybody said to me afterward: “Moon walk by yourself? No connection to the ship, no backup? You are abso-friggin-lutely crazy, woman!”

My defense: “It was so beautiful!”

Wanda was not thrilled that I insisted on doing a moonwalk, but I pulled rank. She tried to talk me out of it, naturally. “It’s too dangerous. Your suit may have a small undetected leak. Your helmet may not seal properly. You may have trouble walking on the surface. You are unfamiliar with your boots. You can see everything using the view space. We can take readings using the external instruments.” I wasn’t having any of this. Why would I fly all the way to the moon, then just sit inside looking out at it?

I tripped over a rock. Wasn’t watching where I was going. I went flying headlong, falling to the Moon’s surface, getting dust on my hands and knees. Dust bounced up and stuck to my faceplate, partially obscuring my vision. No hankie to wipe it off with.

I just lay there for a moment waiting to die, figuring something must have broken or sprung a leak. But no, I was still breathing. I was sure glad I had used the toilet before suiting up, because otherwise . . .

The low Moon gravity made it easy for me to push myself back up onto my feet, but I had trouble regaining my balance. I kept hopping around till I could get my feet planted solidly beneath me.

I immediately got the shakes. I was sweating and cold. Trembling so hard I could hardly function. What if I had smacked my helmet on the ground and it had sprung a leak? That would be it. My freeze-dried corpse would be a permanent addition to the Moon. Someday somebody would find my remains and say, “What an idiot!”

Here’s the beginning of a song Selena sings while on the Moon

Forever to Infinity

I am unmoored
I am adrift on the vastness of space
Like a boat, lines cast free from the shore
slowly drifting out to sea,
no rudder, no compass, no map
across the vasty void
Forever to infinity.