Galaxy Tall Tales

There are worlds out there
             with strange alien races.
     Will we find connection
in their eyes,
            in their faces? 

I tell their stories here …



My Books


When an alien spaceship crashed on the hillside behind singer Selena M’s house, she decided to nurse the surviving alien back to health and send it home.
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– Also available as ebook


“If I have a spaceship, why wouldn’t I fly it to the stars?” Well-known singer Selena M and her friends are determined to fly into space on a hijacked alien spaceship, despite constant pursuit by the space forces of three different nations.

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– Also available as ebook

   NEW PAPERBACK RELEASE! Our heroine, singer Selena M, gets the space adventure she yearns for, and then some. Several governments and militaries on Earth covet its advanced alien technology, and pursue her into space. And if they can’t have it, they’ll destroy it (and her) so nobody else can get their hands on it. Read More – Also available as ebook

Alien invaders are usually assumed to be hostile conquerors. But what if they come as tourists, shoppers, benefactors? What would their impact be?
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“This story doesn’t fit the typical sci fi mold of far future, evil aliens, dystopian Earth. It’s a story of self-discovery, with an alien and some advanced technology.”

“I love your story, your characters, the narrative, the tone, and the whole kit-and-kaboodle. What an enjoyable read. What a commanding writer you are.”
– Trula, Arizona

 “Too much sci fi focuses on hard-to-imagine technology. But nothing in your stories requires a high understanding of technology or astronomy. The lyrics are great—girl with an attitude.”
– Justin Boote, Barcelona

“You have a wonderful way with words and tell a great story.  With your insight I might just think you had some special meetings with some ‘special Aliens.”
– Milton, San Diego.


An elegant alien emissary shows up on Earth in a silver spaceship and entices people to come to the wonderful Galactic Confederation.
   “If you rely on fear and intimidation, you are helpless against the fearless.”
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Would Earthers marooned and forgotten on Hunting World 12 ever be able to reconnect with home, or anywhere else, without being attacked and destroyed?
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Space Gypsies land on Festival World and set up camp for wild trans-galactic parties once every 26 years, timed to miss the periodic rain of destructive meteorites.
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“Local Man Kidnapped by Cosmic Pranksters. Los Angeles Man snatched off the face of the Earth by UFO.” Headline that never appeared in the L.A. Times because no-one else was there to see it happen.
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 “I traded for ’em. That’s the truth, more or less.” Everybody here is trapped on a primitive world far from Earth. Some Earthers, many aliens.
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 “Out on the limb she was. Broad bare limb high above the forest floor. Clinging with her claws. Watching for the approach of her prey.”
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I was an alien stranger here. I was the only passenger dropped off by the creaky planet hopper on this strange, out-of-the way world …”
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It’s not every day , or every lifetime , that a mysterious ghost vessel appears in the heavens above our world. But it just happened here …”
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