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The Usurer’s Proposal—a Guest Story by Jim Webster

Here’s a short piece by fellow author Jim Webster aka Tallis Steelyard. I confess that usurers have a name as being distinctly dour and miserablefolk. This is something of a canard, I’ve known several who have a sense ofhumour. They have been known to chuckle dryly at a fumbled attempt to hide something embarrassing in […]

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Interview with my heroine, Selena M, narrator of my trilogy

Where did the “ditzy chick” label come from? Did you ever hear a man called a “ditzy guy?” No, only women can be ditzy—according to the men who diss us and bully us. The government spooks going after my spaceship laid that name on me. Even though I outwitted them at every turn, and have kept the spaceship—Star Choice—to this day.

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When Life Gives You Lyrics, Make Music

I can’t sing anything more demanding than “Happy Birthday.” So imagine my surprise when I became a lyricist.  In my just-published book “Aliens Crashed in My Back Yard,” my main character and narrator—Selena M—is a singer who nurses a surviving alien back to health so she can send it home. The alien is also a […]

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How I Ended Up With Two Wives

Plus 4 Sci Fi Shorties —   Return of the Ancient Ghosts Love Poison #9 Death of the Old Gnarled Tree Scars on My Funny Bone   How I Ended Up With Two Wives This short story is taken from the novel Bleeding Edge, which takes place in the 23rd century. Many people from Earth […]

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