My Spaceship Calls Out To Me


I love the narrative voice – down-to-earth (no pun intended), strong, and funny. And how could I pass by the title?
– Sue Weems

A wonderful story. I am not much of a fan of contemporary science fiction, but I like the way you write. You have revived my adolescent fascination with science fiction.
– Thomas Heaven

“Woo hooo, I’m flying a spaceship!” I whooped and hollered as I watched Star Choice sweep over the surface of the moon—from the safety of my darkened bedroom.

I couldn’t wait to share this with my friends. I got them all in my living room, pulled the blinds, and put my robot friend Wanda on the high chair. The translucent blue sphere grew from her head. Within it, the surface of the Moon rolled past, and the image of the blue Earth rose above its horizon.

There was a collective gasp. “How’d you do this? You can’t fly a spaceship!” Meg said accusingly.

“Guys, this is exciting! I’m flying a spaceship! I – with Wanda – have flown it to the moon. Where else can I go? Mars!? The stars?”

“Straight to jail I’m guessing,” chuckled Doc. “It won’t take them long to get onto this.”

“They already know,” I admitted.

 *  *  *

“If I have a spaceship, why not fly off into space?” asks Selena, who is pulled both by her renewed commitment to singing and her inner space girl. So she builds an unlikely crew to pursue this impossible dream—astronaut, business titan, college student, and survivalist. But the American government, plus the Russians and Chinese, want that alien vessel and its technology for themselves. Then the Galactic Librarian discovers Selena and asks some nosy questions about how Selena is able to contact it.

 *  *  *

Here are two excerpts that introduce Selena’s antagonists

3. Hell’s Bells

[Transcript. Agency boardroom. 6:32 am. Arlington, VA]

– Hell’s bells! The spaceship’s gone. Just disappeared into the night. Poof! No readout. All the instruments disconnected.

– Get Hu on the line! Now!

– Yes sir. His line is engaged. Maybe he’s trying to reach us.

[phone ring]

– Hu, what in God’s name is going on?

– It’s that damn woman we had in our custody, then let go. She has caused it to take off.

– You had her in your custody, and then let her go. Doesn’t that sound like idiocy?

– Yes, sir, it does. I have no idea how she made this happen. We had no indication that it even had a means of propulsion. We were still working on that.

– So, she, or one of her alien agents, sneaked onto a secure base and hijacked a craft that couldn’t fly. Correct?

– No sign of anybody coming in, either openly or covertly. I believe she operated it remotely.

– So let’s see what we’ve got. We have a woman who plays guitar and sings in bars and nightclubs, and lives in some sort of hippie compound in Northern California, and she has somehow outsmarted the United States government and single-handedly flown a spaceship to the Moon? You better not answer this question yes!

– That’s the way it looks.

– Hu, you get your ass out there, find out how she did this, and regain control of the situation. Mach schnell, soldier!

– I’m not in the military, sir.

– We’re all soldiers on this quest. We’ve got to keep control of this machine. Am I making myself clear, Dr. Hu?

– General, I’m on it. As soon as I can arrange conveyance.

7. Hu’s On First

My landline rang. That usually means it’s somebody I don’t want to talk with. I didn’t recognize the number on the display. Curiosity got me.


“Yes. Uh, Dr. Hu here. Is this Selena?”

“Yes, it’s me. How may I assist you, Doctor?”

“I think you know. I want to talk with you. I’m trying to get to where you are. But I seem to be lost.”

“Where are you?”

“I’m in beautiful downtown Bodega.”

“Ah, I’m near Bodega Bay. Not far. You found Bodega Bay before.”

“I came a different way this time. A shortcut. I didn’t realize there were two Bodegas. How do I get to your place?”

“Can’t you just check the map?”

“I’m not very good with these gadgets.”

“Hah! An astrophysicist who can’t find his way around on planet Earth. Did you think to call ahead and make an appointment? Why don’t we just talk on the phone?”

 *  *  * 

Here are the first stanzas of two of Selena’s songs.
You can listen to these on my Sci Fi Music page.

My Space Ship Calls Out to Me

This is the theme song for this book

My space ship calls out to me
Come fly me home
I’m yours, you’re my skipper.
Just call and I’ll come.

Just call and I’ll come to you
And we’ll fly away soon.
Across the wide heavens
Far past the Moon

Just call and I’ll come to you
We’ll build up a crew
To explore all the heavens
But I’ll heed only you.

Let Me Lead You Astray

Sung to a group of astronomers

We all want to fly to the stars
not just stay here sittin’ on our arse
There’s a blue green world
near a small yellow star
not too far away. Can we get that far?

You serious scientists, let me lead you astray
Get up! Get out there! Fly into the void.
Or should we just sit here whiling away
waiting to get whacked by some asteroid?

© 2018  Mike Van Horn