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Music for science fiction stories?

Happened by accident.

My main character Selena M is a singer—so is the alien. I wrote lyrics for songs she performs and had them put to music. Here they are. Take a listen. Below are the lyrics, plus a blurb telling where they come in the stories.

Big thanks to my composer, Troy Lush, to vocalist Mari Mack, a blues singer with the perfect voice for Selena, and producer Chrisopher Krotky.

And the lyricist? That’s me, who can’t sing. Who knew?

Science fiction musicMy Spaceship Calls
Out to Me

Theme song for Book 2

My space ship calls out to me
Come fly me home
I’m yours, you’re my skipper.
Just call and I’ll come.

Just call and I’ll come to you
And we’ll fly away soon.
Across the wide heavens
Far past the Moon
Just call and I’ll come to you

We’ll build up a crew
To explore all the heavens
But I’ll heed only you.

Just call and I’ll come to you
Leave the king in the dust
We’ll explore the wide heavens.
With just those you trust.

Just call and I’ll come to you
The whole galaxy’s our home
On any world anywhere
Just call and I’ll come.

Rocket Girl

A tribute to Elton John’s Rocket Man,
sung by Selena to the astronomers in Hawaii.

Hey, hi, watch me kiss the sky
As I long for Earth, watch me cry.
When I’m far from home, when I’ve crossed all space
where I know no-one, no familiar face
I still think of you, waiting back at home
Are you wondering now, when I’ll ever come?
Yes, I dream of you. Will you wait for me?
As I yearn for you, do you think of me?

When I kiss the sky, it is such a high
but far from the love, I see in your eyes.
So, when I kiss the sky, and leap the moon
I wonder why. Yes I wonder why.
Will I see you soon?

I wonder why. I wonder why.
Stop smiling now. Don’t make me cry.
Can’t see the stars, looking through my tears.
The glory of the heavens, just a teary smear
When I kiss the sky,
and leap far past the moon
I wonder why. With a tear in my eye,
will I see you soon?

Let Me Lead You Astray

Selena sings this to a group of astronomers who are stationed at observatories on Mauna Kea on Hawaii.

We all want to fly to the stars
not just staying here sittin’ on our arse
There’s a blue green world
near a small yellow star
not too far away. Can we get that far?

You serious scientists, let me lead you astray
Get up! Get out there! Fly into the void.
Or should we just sit here whiling away
waiting to get whacked by some asteroid?

There are worlds out there with weird alien races
Will we find connection in their eyes, in their faces?
Starships, you tell us, just can’t be done
If you heed the news, you heard I had one!

I’m the ditzy chick
with the star-jumping ship
They told you it was gone
Fell into the Atlantic pond
But what if they got it wrong?
What if they got it wrong?

Would you go, would you go
to where your glass can barely see?
Then turn around and wave
to your stay-at-home company?

Send a postcard back from Kepler 8
to loved ones back at home
“The weather here, it ain’t so great
I can’t wait to get home.”
I can’t wait to get home, you say
But you can’t come back, till you’ve gone away
You’ll see how much you really miss
our sweet Earth back at home
So let’s soon be on our way.

Pele Throws Down
From the Mountain

A Hawaiian love song that Selena sings
at a concert in Kapiolani Park in Honolulu

Pele throws down from her mountains
the rocks of the earth, makes them flow
from the mouths of broad Kilauea
o’er land to the sea, slowly flow
Her lava, in its unstoppable flow

Covers orchards and gardens and home hearths
of the people, there long generations.
Flows onward on down to the sea
building new land for new generations
long past our ability to see.
Long past our ability to see.

We take what we have and we love it
expect nothing for future untold
just love what we have when we have it
expect nothing beyond what we hold.
Make do with what we can hold

It’s the way of the earth
and the way of our hearth
and we play it and work it
for all that we’re worth.

And we pray with our love
And we speak with our love
to the heavens above
To let you and me
be all we can be
all that we can see

Do all we can do
best for me, best for you
for kin and kith, too
My love is for you
for our children, too

For this day—yes, today—wafts of plumeria
and the smell of the salt from the sea
like the smell of your hair when I care for you
like the feel of your love for only me.

When our children move on with their own lives
and we sit thinking how could it be
that we’ve sped through the time of our own lives
yet still much to do and to see.

We marvel at the cycle of Pele
covering old with always the new
I’m sad to think that we’ll be gone
But glad that I’ve been loving you.

I’m glad that I’ve always loved you.
Hold my hand, for I’ll always love you.

My Lover Done Left Me

A raunchy blues song Selena sings
at a club in Venice, California

My lover done left me
Deep down in the blues
Oh umm ooh umm. Oh no, woe-oh-woe
Life ain’t worth living. What’s the use?

Ha! I scarcely give a shit!
Best thing that’s happened to me
Good riddance, you miserable twit.
Ha ha ha ooo whee
Let’s go. Let go. Let’s go get lit
Let’s get past him now. That’s it. That’s it.

Ladies, you whining?
You moaning, you crying?
Um hmmm? Poor you? Just get over it.
All together now
We scarcely give a shit!


We scarcely give a shit
we scarcely do
We scarcely give a shit.
Fuck you!

Whoo-ee! Don’t that feel better?
Stand up. Join hands. Let’s do another chorus.

You men, you better be watching’ your step tonight. 
But, you never know. You play your cards right,
you just might get lucky.



Well, I listened to all of the songs. I loved each one of them. They are awesome. You are a great lyricist.

© 2021 Mike Van Horn