The building is your basic shoebox; hall down the middle, doctors office rooms, sizewise.  But their little lobby? Absolute digi modern!  Sucks you in, baby.  Great hype.  Dazzling commercial.  You just know they got a great toy down that hall.

“Just you two?”  Gorgeous Carnala, our hostess, asks.


“How about a sentubuzz?”

“Just a beer, dear.”

“Oh, OK.”  She seems disappointed.

“But somewhere else.”

“We got that.”

She directs us to Door 7 and that’s where we go.  As we enter and before we can get the door closed a voice from all around says, “Have a seat.”

The seats are obviously old dental chairs, no doubt bought at clearance prices since dentistry is past tense.

“Talk to me,” says the voice once we’re seated.

“Beer bar.  Far out.  Not too noisy.  Brer Michael has a story to tell me.”

With high dollar lack of hesitation my Bro and I are sitting inside a glass bubble, a big one, high above a pinkish planet with ocean as far as we can see, full of lightning.

“Whoa!  Now that’s a  glory!”

“What,” says Michael, “this most immediate beer or the pink ocean?”

“Uh huh.”

The steins are tall and frosty.  Something like glass but not quite; but over the top with head foam, threatening to slide down the side.

I lift my glass to toast.  “Here’s to the Lord of the Story!” I say with a  grin.

“I’ll drink to that,” Michael answers, raising his.

We both sip brew head in unison.

“So, now,” I pause for a second sip, “tell me about this clan sister, Seveltiruner, and what she could do with that tail of hers? And what about that sub-neutrinic weaponry?”

Michael, himself sipping, replies, “Well…..”


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