My Favorite Ideas

There are worlds out there with strange alien races.
Will we find connection in their eyes, in their faces?

These are the words from my home page. My theme. I don’t assume that alien races are out to get us, due to their insatiable lust for power and conquest.
Why not?
Even though hostile, implacable aliens are always good Hollywood fodder, my premise is that what advanced aliens want most is diversity—to avoid boredom.

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What’s My Genre?

I write science fiction, but that covers a wide swath. When I look at a list of the sub-genres, it seems like my stories cover about half of them. So where do I fit? First of all, what my books are NOT: – Dystopian, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic – Cyberpunk, steampunk – Military, shoot ‘em up – Alien invasion. – Hard sci fi, i.e., based on gee whiz technology…

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When Life Gives You Music . . .

I can’t sing. When others sing, I stand there and move my lips. So imagine my surprise when I started writing music. I now have five songs produced. I’m amazed at myself. How the heck did this happen? The protagonist of my sci fi trilogy is a singer. (So is the alien.) I started writing snatches of songs she sings at gigs. Just a few lines, or maybe…

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