I write science fiction, but that covers a wide swath.
When I look at a list of the sub-genres, it seems like my stories cover about half of them. So where do I fit?

First of all, what my books are NOT:
– Dystopian, apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic
– Cyberpunk, steampunk
– Military, shoot ‘em up
– Alien invasion.
– Hard sci fi, i.e., based on gee whiz technology

What my stories are:
– First contact, Earth-alien relationships
– Near future, familiar landscape: could be today.
– Character driven
– Story of personal discovery
– Light, humorous
– First person narration with wry humor.

Here’s what sets my stories apart:
Music. Songs that go with the stories. Not many sci fi stories have a music soundtrack!

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  1. John Meszaros

    Do you compose your own music? Or do you have a suggested track list of existing songs to accompany your stories?

    1. Mike

      I wrote the lyrics to songs my MC performs. Then I found a local man who composed the music. He brought in the vocalist, a local blues singer. She became the voice of Selena. We put it all together in a local studio.
      So it’s all new music.

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