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“Woo hooo, I’m flying a spaceship!” I whooped and hollered as I watched Star Choice sweep over the surface of the moon—from the safety of my darkened bedroom.

I couldn’t wait to share this with my friends. I got them all in my living room, pulled the blinds, and put my robot friend Wanda on the high chair. The translucent blue sphere grew from her head. Within it, the surface of the Moon rolled past, and the image of the blue Earth rose above its horizon.

There was a collective gasp. “How’d you do this? You can’t fly a spaceship!” Meg said accusingly.

“Guys, this is exciting! I’m flying a spaceship! I – with Wanda – have flown it to the moon. Where else can I go? Mars!? The stars?”

“Straight to jail I’m guessing,” chuckled Doc. “It won’t take them long to get onto this.”

“They already know,” I admitted.