Long ago in a galaxy far, far away–1987 to be exact–I started writing science fiction stories. I wrote sci fi for several years, but it was always back burner to my “day job” writing. I had several non-fiction and business books published in the ’80s and ’90s and ’00s. Not long ago I saw that if I was ever going to complete these sci fi stories in this lifetime, I’d better get my rear in gear!

In the past year I have completed several stories and started others, and more await my muse to get around to them. I’m posting them here. I want to get these published, but the first thing is to get them written. And get feedback.

I, like many sci fi writers, have a galaxy in my mind. (Actually, mine encompasses much of the Local Group.) It is full of worlds and alien peoples, and they are constantly pestering me with their stories. I have no choice but to get them down as best I can.

My stories depend on being able to do a few (so far) impossible things, like jump between stars. I have to explain these things, so I create entries into my “Encyclopedia Galactica.” It could turn into a wiki.

My biggest influences have been Ursula Leguin and David Brin, because they are masters at drawing many loosely connected stories out of a consistent universe.

Just in case you are interested in what I do that pays the rent, here are my business website and blog.

My wife B.J. is also a writer, and she also works with me in my company. Good thing we get along well! She’s writing about a romance between the ghost of a French woman and a 19th century English barrister. But she’ll have to tell her own story.


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