Will we find connection in their eyes, in their faces?

AliensCrashed_cover_medI’m here to tell their stories. Here are a few of them . . .

A very non-human alien crash lands on the hillside behind the home of singer Selena M. Selena decides to nurse the surviving alien back to health and send it home. They communicate best through song, and they help each other rediscover the soul of their singing. Aliens Crashed in My Back Yard

In a virtual bar, Miguel and Tomas regale each other with tall tales of distant worlds. A small creature is killed right in front of them. But if it’s all virtual, why is there real blood on Miguel’s bar napkin after they depart? Cosmic Tall Tales

A tall stranger walks the 11 worlds seeking the meaning of existence. Would he find it on this world of squat, ugly creatures who speak in a guttural tongue? Death of the Old Gnarled Tree

Did you ever wonder how romance can take place between very different alien species? Here’s a story of one way. Love Poison #9

A fleet of ghost vessels returns home after many thousands of years, bringing stories of adventures across myriad galaxies. This threatens to rip asunder the society of their home world. Return of the Ancient Ghosts.

These characters come to me and demand that I tell their stories. Who am I to say no?

Plus, I’ve turned some of Selena M’s lyrics into songs. Just click to listen.

      My Spaceship Calls Out To Me

The Universe is violence and chaos. Life is an insignificant scum on some of the warm rocky orbs. On rare worlds, life looks upward at the stars, and wonders, and yearns. On very rare worlds, life reaches out to other worlds, other stars.

These rare beings, mostly from water/oxygen worlds, war with each other. But tiring of fighting, they share their stories. Knowing that their stories and their aspirations are all that set them apart from cold meaningless entropy, they honor and preserve their stories.

These world races, with so little else in common, have a word for themselves–oki–”those who reach for the stars and share stories.”

These oki beings all have their stories to tell, and I am honored to pass along a few of them here.


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  1. Hi Mike,

    I thought I’d stop by and check out your website, and I’m glad I did. Very cool. I’m working in the kitchen, making a Shepherd’s Pie and listening to your galactic soundtrack. I like it, and I’m impressed with the way you’ve put this together. Congrats on a super site.

  2. Fun stories and captivating music!

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