There are worlds out there
             with strange alien races.
     Will we find connection
in their eyes,
            in their faces? 

I tell their stories here …



My Books

When an alien spaceship crashed on the hillside behind singer Selena M’s house, she decided to nurse the surviving alien back to health and send it home.
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“Woo hooo, I’m flying a spaceship!” I whooped and hollered as I watched Star Choice sweep over the surface of the moon—from the safety of my darkened bedroom.
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Selena made it to the Moon, and wanted to fly to on the stars. The Galactic Librarian urged her to come. But the Confed security forces awaited her. They wanted their technology back.
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An elegant alien emissary shows up on Earth in a silver spaceship and entices people to come to the wonderful Galactic Confederation.
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“This story doesn’t fit the typical sci fi mold of far future, evil aliens, dystopian Earth. It’s a story of self-discovery, with an alien and some advanced technology.”

“I love your story, your characters, the narrative, the tone, and the whole kit-and-kaboodle. What an enjoyable read. What a commanding writer you are.”
– Trula, Arizona

 “Too much sci fi focuses on hard-to-imagine technology. But nothing in your stories requires a high understanding of technology or astronomy. The lyrics are great—girl with an attitude.”
– Justin Boote, Barcelona

“You have a wonderful way with words and tell a great story.  With your insight I might just think you had some special meetings with some ‘special Aliens.”
– Milton, San Diego.


It’s not every day , or every lifetime , that a mysterious ghost vessel appears in the heavens above our world. But it just happened here …”
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I was an alien stranger here. I was the only passenger dropped off by the creaky planet hopper on this strange, out-of-the way world …”
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“I used to be a stand up comic. I specialized in poking fun at people who claimed they’d seen flying saucers or had been abducted by aliens “
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 “Out on the limb she was. Broad bare limb high above the forest floor. Clinging with her claws. Watching for the approach of her prey.”
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© 2018  Mike Van Horn